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, Colorado 80212 - Rated 5 based on 55 Reviews After doing mostly just cardio and weights. Sports massage decreases injury potential by helping to prevent acute injuries (muscle tears) as well as chronic injuries stemming from wear and tear (tendonitis). Regular massage allows the muscles and soft tissue to stay supple and healthy, lengthened and flexible and free from adhesions, thereby reducing the potential for injury. Low Pressure Fitness and Abdominal Massage for Pelvic Gig Harbor Personal Training and Fitness Studio Gym Infinity Fitness Massage Waikikis Oasis for Physical I limped into Northwest. Fitness a bit nervous about having massage therapy done by a man, but the pain from hip bursitis I was experiencing needed to be addressed and after several trips to the doctors office for cortisone shots that. Fitness and Abdominal, massage for Pelvic Floor Care is a 3 day continuing education course on learning the application of the Low Pressure. Fitness (LPF) training system and abdominal massage for pelvic health.

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OM's focus is restoring function and structural balance throughout the body for both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. By increasing circulation and assisting the bodys healing processes and breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, sports massage can help chronic injuries get better. Sports massage is specifically targeted for athletes who are looking to boost their performance on the field and gain an edge on the competition. Sports massage can help to optimize the positive factors that affect performance, such as healthy muscle and connective tissues, normal range of motion, high energy and fluid and pain-free movement, as well as inducing mental calm and improving alertness, and concentration. The ocean view couples room is the dreamy choice for guests who wish to experience massage on the beach without all the sand and people. We look forward to seeing you at Bodystar! Turn your holiday intealthy retreat. It not only provides preventative maintenance, it also shortens recovery time and aids in the rehabilitation process.


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We offer an amazing array of activities at the pool-side of various Honolulu hotels, the sunny beaches of Waikiki, and in the shaded city parks. Your Personal Fitness Needs, our personal trainer clients are looking for alternatives to overcrowded gyms and spas, frequently staffed with less-experienced fitness professionals, that focus on using boiler plate techniques. . Healing massage therapy is available for L I and PIP clients. . Refresh your skin with a facial soothed in healing, Hawaiian ingredients. Our Personal Training Solution, bodystar Studios offers creative, high-quality corrective exercise training and healing massage therapy, provided by experienced professional trainers using state of the art fitness equipment in a setting designed for personal or partner training and individual massage therapy.  Common orthopedic conditions can stem from sports injuries, postural imbalances due to poor work ergonomics, chronic pain and scar tissue from surgery or traumatic injury. OM can be used to identify and correct conditions such as: sciatica scoliosis coccyx and sacral dysfunction forward head postures rib fixations   Dowager's Humps   back spasms/pain   SI joint and iliac dysfunction cervical pain rotator cuff injuries frozen shoulder.

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